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Helping Indie Authors Make Their Mark

Your Non-Fiction Author Journey Made Easy - even if you don't have a marketing bone in your body and the thought of sales leaves you in a cold sweat.

5 Day Bootcamp to take your writer's butt from pancake-flat & under-performing to a booty that is bountiful and boootiful

It's time to finally get that book
OUT of your head & INTO the world...

You want to write a book... but where to start?

* How do you come up with an idea? 

* How do you  know if that idea is any good? 

* How much will it cost? 

* Will your book sell? 

* How much time will it take?

You have questions? I have answers!

Praise for The Author Whisperer courses...

Taya Micola
Bestselling Author - When LIfe Sucks

Constantly refer back to the lessons

”Because of Book Launch Boot Camp I can now say that I am a 'Best Selling Author'. I simply could not have had the traction I had with my launch team and the confidence to hit 'publish' without it. Throughout my launch period I constantly referred back to the lessons. Because of the insights, advice and sage wisdom I was able to connect with my launch team on a deeply engaged level. I am forever grateful for all Kylie's support and cannot thank her enough!”

A practical, proven way

“Kylie has put together a practical, proven way to successfully promote your book using a launch team. Great tips and tools that save you time, headaches and give your book the helping hand it needs to be successful..”

Barry Watson
Bestselling Author - Relationship Rehab & Sell With Confidence
Julie Schooler
Bestselling Author - Boys And Books

Jam-packed with awesome tips and tricks

“The course was fun, to the point and filled with humour. It was jam-packed with awesome tips and tricks to make it in the new world of book publishing today..”

Best-selling author and book coach Kylie Ansett has worked with dozens of budding authors to help them write, publish and market their non-fiction books.

"I love the freedom being an indie author gives me. I am in charge - and with the right information I will usually do a better job than a publicist or publisher."

If you dream of becoming an author, or if you have written a book and want to know how to market it sell more copies,  check out the courses on offer or if you are looking for more bespoke support then consider one of my 1 on 1 coaching packages..

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