10 Minutes to Your Book Idea

Whether you have a million ideas… or none.

You want to write a book…

You have flashes of brilliance, moments of sheer genius, not to mention a combination of skills that are unique and an interesting story.

You know others could be helped by your knowledge.

They would love your story. Be inspired, informed, invigorated.

People are always saying “You should write a book”

You are always thinking to yourself: “I could write a book about this!”

And you love the thought of it.. but the reality…

The dream stays in right there in your head, because…where to start?

You have two dozen great ideas and not a clue where to start, which to chose or even how to pick. You can’t possibly write them all!

Sometimes the sheer volume of ideas weighs you down.

And so, like most people, you write none of them…

Your dream of becoming an author remains just that – a dream.


In those quiet moments between work and family, between to-ing and fro-ing.

In those stolen moments when your deepest desires slumber…

It persists

And the thing is, the excuses will always be there.

We are all too busy, to disorganized, too scared. We all doubt what we have to share is worth it.

And, truth be told, we are all a tiny bit lazy.

Being an author is not for the faint of heart.

Not for the weak-willed or lily-livered. It takes guts and determination to push through criticism and boredom.

To keep going despite your doubts.

(We all have them)

Let me invite you to take a journey. A journey into the unknown. A journey toward authorship.

A journey where your dreaming becomes a reality…

And like any great journey it starts with that first step.

Welcome to 10 Minute Book Idea

A series of questions, prompts and tips that will not only qualify your idea but identify your reader and help you test the market

All in just ten minutes…

There are no wrong answers… there are no wrong ideas… the only regrets are the chances we don’t take…

Take that first step today.

Because getting started is the hardest part, these cheat sheets are here to take the pain, questioning, and doubting out of the whole operation.

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