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Crass, crude, ill-mannered, unrefined and VULGAR…

Words have power… The power to inspire or upset.The power to conquer and divide.The power to incite a riot. The power to induce, to seduce, to reduce. Poets and pundits have known this for ever.Great orators turn words into sound waves that vibrate right to the heart.Words sell. Words tell. Oh yes… words have power. Some words offend…Especially the four letter […]

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What do you filter out? What do you let in?

I’ve been looking at water filters for the shower…I have the drinking water sorted, but the shower is trickier…I am so fucking protective of what goes in my body:No animal, no processed, no sugar… ech! Actually, when I think about it, I am pretty protective about EVERYTHING that I let in… A looooooong time ago I filtered […]

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What do you WANT to create?

So…What is it exactly that you want to create? Do you know?Are you connected with it?Or is it a gossamer thread, wafting in the breeze, elusively escaping every attempt to capture it? Knowing we WANT to create, is NOT the same as knowing WHAT to create.And the knowing of one, and not knowing of the other, can drive […]

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How ‘uncensored’ should your writing be?

​OK – let’s call it how it is…Being ‘real’ in your writing is hard.Confronting…Scary…But necessary beyond words… Me.Here.Now.Raw.Real.Take it or leave it.And most will leave it.And that’s ok. Sometimes when writing our books, our truths, our LIVES…The inner censor sneaks in….Shows it’s ugly face…It’s judgemental sneer… What would my mother think if she read this?My husband, my boss from 10 […]

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Are you, or are you not.. A WRITER?

YOU HAVE TO CLAIM IT BEFORE YOU BECOME IT So, Let’s address an elephant that has sauntered into the room… ARE YOU, OR ARE YOU NOT, A WRITER? I have been reading a lot about what makes a writer…What makes a GOOD writer good, and what makes a good writer GREAT… The way many see it – if you want […]

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How much money can an author make if an author can make money?

So… Ever wondered HOW MUCH MONEY YOU CAN MAKE FROM YOUR BOOK? Well I gave it my best shot in the livestream today…The in’s, the out’s the rules (and which to break)The tricks and sneaky back alley deals,The ego-crushing realities…   So what are you waiting for… The world needs your story: write now!Join me in the group where I share […]

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When bad things happen – write

So, I’ve always said: when bad things happen, write about it. The insights you get can be enlightening… A few years ago I was in a job that I loved – at the time I thought it was the ideal job for a free-spirit such as myself… I was essentially my own boss, I worked from home, and […]

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Why writers would rather turn into a pumpkin than write…

​​So… Today in the livestream I got so caught up in talking about the ‘UN-dauntifying’ process, I forgot to come back to THIS… And THIS is why, even when writing a book is a longing, deep in your soul, sometimes IT NEVER QUITE HAPPENS… We have a million very VERY good excuses why too… I mean I have a life….Shit happens…I’m too busy…I’ll start next year…I don’t have […]

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Beating The Book Blurb Blues Baby

So… We all know that writing your blurb will drive you balmy… It is worse than trying to write a resume, or wedding vows, or a tinder profile. YOU HAVE NO OBJECTIVITY(you know, the ability to look at your capabilities, your love, or your personal attributes through the eyes of another). What would they want to know? Would the interviewer […]

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