When bad things happen – write


I've always said: when bad things happen, write about it. The insights you get can be enlightening...

A few years ago I was in a job that I loved - at the time I thought it was the ideal job for a free-spirit such as myself…

I was essentially my own boss, I worked from home, and although there were a few things I had to do on specific times/days, mostly I set up my own calendar.

I admired many of the people I worked with, and the company, and 90% of the time my work.

It was in this role, that I learned about coaching, I did many high level coaching programs, as well as a few ad hoc ones. I learned at the feet of masters who knew sooo much more than me and were willing to share everything…

  • I learned about connecting with the energy of my client, not just the outward persona.
  • I learned how to get to the issue, the REAL issue, fast and in a respectful way.
  • I learned how to create a safe space where my client could explore difficult or confronting or elusive concepts.

I probably did over a thousand one on one coaching sessions in my 5 years there… as well as got coached on a weekly basis.

I loved every minute of it.

I also learned about training. Creating trainings, presenting trainings, how to work with groups, how to do it online as well as live, presenting to small, intimate groups, medium sized crowds, and even to hundreds...

  • I learned how to read a crowd.
  • I learned how to manage ‘difficult’ people in a group situation.
  • I learned how to change material on the fly to suit the group I was with
  • I learned how to own my power and teach from a place of authenticity

I probably did over a thousand trainings in the 5 years there… as well as attending countless sessions as a trainee.

I loved every minute of it.

But then things changed at the company (as they always do!). My mentor was replaced by someone I did NOT admire, and very quickly the glitter wore off, and what used to be a joy became drudgery.

I don’t do drudgery well

I had obviously learned all i could, and so, in a roundabout way i engineered my exit from the role… (it was not elegant, but there you go!)

But here is the thing…

I stand in complete gratitude for every second i worked there because now… NOW… I see how all I did, all I learned… brought me to HERE, with my unique knapsack of knowledge and assorted skills.

But at the time it was scary and confronting and a shock (I was FIRED people - FIRED!!?!?)

At the time, I was resentful and hurt, and felt badly done by and that there were very nasty people out there in the big, bad world...


Even through all of that I was grateful.

I was grateful that I had had the opportunity to learn, to hone skills and learn new ones,
That I had experienced true leadership. And the flip side - shitty leadership.
That I had been PAID to learn all of this!!
On my terms, in my way, by people I liked and admired.


I learned that as soon as the learning stopped, there was no longer any point.
I learned that, for me, if I’m not learning, then what am I?

What a gift…

But most of all NOW I am grateful for something else….

I am grateful that I am no longer there.
I am grateful that I got out when I did.
Because, if I had of been less stubborn, less outspoken, less headstrong... (in short, if I had been a 'good girl').
If those golden handcuffs had not become tarnished...

I may still be THERE

And then I would not be HERE.

Living MY dream, instead of making someone else’s...


So what are you waiting for...

The world needs your story: write now!