Beating The Book Blurb Blues Baby


We all know that writing your blurb will drive you balmy...

It is worse than trying to write a resume, or wedding vows, or a tinder profile.

(you know, the ability to look at your capabilities, your love, or your personal attributes through the eyes of another).

What would they want to know?

Would the interviewer be interested in the fact you are a really good mother?
Or would that count against you?
Or should you even mention it?

If your vows are all about what you will do for him, is that setting you up for a lopsided life?

If you are a witty vixen, in your dating profile, how the fuck will you keep it up all night?


When it comes to describing your book...

Your beloved, long gestating, heart-pouring,


All impartiality goes right out the window...

What is an author to do?

My trick is to approach writing a description like writing a sales page... 
With a formula...

It's simple -


Don't write a description that TELLS what the book is about....
SELL them what they will get

After all - that is all they really care about..

Here are a few examples of blurbs/descriptions I did 'tear-downs' for some gorgeous authors and creators...
(And oh boy - it is sooo easy to do for other people... for my own! ahhhhhh!)
These are for both books and courses... but the principles are the same:

Before -
The French JumpStart Kit
The 21-Day language program that teaches you French you will actually use, 
while improving your pronunciation and confidence 
so that you gain a sense of ease and take your French to the next level 
without wasting your time, sanity, or getting lost in Grammar-land

After - 
The easy way to learn French fast, 
so that you can order *le coffe with confidence and without sounding like *le fraud (or worse; *le tourist), 
impress the locals, and make traveling the most romantic country in the world an absolute breeze.. 
in just 21 days

Before - 
Have you ever dreamed of crossing the AlCan, dodging moose, bear, and caribou? 
Here is your chance to ride along on an epic road trip through British Columbia, Yukon, and Alaska itself. 
Shawn Inmon spent three summers in Alaska in the 1970s, and had dreamed of The Land of the Midnight Sun ever since. 
Finally, in the spring of 2017, he entrusted body and soul to his 21 year old Subaru Outback and set out on a solo journey across some of the loneliest roads in Canada and Alaska. 
Shawn encountered glaciers, every type of wildlife imaginable, the iconoclastic people of Alaska, and the most gorgeous scenery in America. 
Stuffed full of over 100 photographs, A Lap Around Alaska will show you what it is like to drive the Alaska Highway, the Dalton Highway, 
to go above the Arctic Circle, and to see both the northernmost and westernmost points in the United States."

After -
Is you spirit of adventure alive? 
Find out what it's really like to cross the AlCan and travel some of the loneliest and most spectacular parts of North America. 
If you dream of packing up your four-wheel-drive, your snow boots and camera, and setting of to explore the wilderness, 
A Lap Around Alaska will give you a rare glimpse into the land of the midnight sun, of moose and of monumental glaciers. 
Join author Shawn Inmon on his epic solo road trip through British Columbia, Yukon, and Alaska. 
Part personal odyssey, part sumptuous travelers guide, take an expedition into one of the last remaining wildernesses. 
If you hunger for adventure and want to discover untouched beauty, 
Click the 'buy now' button to experience the majesty of the untouched North for yourself.

Before - 
Hi. I am a Leadership Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Writer, Executive Career Coach and NLP Practitioner. 
I am a career propeller. I give wings to careers of determined women/ executives wanting to succeed and achieve more. 
Connecting with them on a deeper level, I help give their ambiguous and unmet career goals, clarity and focus while teaching them leadership skills on the way. 
With me by their side, women kick a mighty blow to any limiting beliefs or impostor feelings holding them back and progress with confidence & poise.

After - 
I am 
your career flight instructor. I give you the wings to soar to great heights of success, satisfaction & power in your profession. 
I help you get clear on the strategies to become the leader you know you can be. 
With me by your side, you will let go of all limiting beliefs and learn to fly.

In each of these - notice how the AFTER focused on the emotion, how they would feel, what they would get by taking the next step...
Remember - its about what will they GET,
NOT what is it about...