Coaching, Coaching Everywhere, but not a drop to drink…


What is the deal with coaching? Self coaching, group coaching one on one coaching... ??

I have so many people ask about coaching, that I thought I should pull the curtain back and give you a peek on my take on this phenomenon...

I have had a coach for so many areas of my life, for years.
  • Business coach
  • Personal coach
  • Life coach
  • Writing coach

I love it!

I loved it so much that around six years ago I did Heart Centred Coaching training with Nikki Keohohou, and Transfomational coaching with Jack Canfield.

For years now, I have coached others to become their best selves. 
With my clients in my own business around health and healing, as leader for a sales company. 
And of course, for the last few years as an author coach

Coaching is a powerful tool in self discovery and focus.

So you could say I am a fan...!

Truth is, I would never have even thought of writing a book, much less actually done it without a coach. (true story!)

What coaching has taught me about myself: I realised I was far more driven than I realised... coaching gave me the

What I have learned from coaching: How to set goals and hold myself accountable. How to be realistic about time. How I can usually do far more than i ever thought when I have a plan!

What coaching is not: being 'told what to do'. The session belongs to you. 
It's about discovery, not telling. 
Of course, a coach gives direction, makes suggestions and holds accountable.
But, amazingly enough, most of the real work is already in your head waiting to be revealed!

One on one coaching: the classic form. Face to face, Skype, zoom or phone. 
My favourite? 
Phone - so I can pace while I talk.. (it seems to get the brain neuronlls firing!)

Group coaching: can be super powerful. I have done quite a bit of this and the group energy and hive mind is an amazing catalyst for unexpected and sometimes big shifts

Self coaching: I love this and practice it daily! 
The key to this is what questions you ask...

In fact all coaching is about asking the right questions.
Because left to our own devices, we tend to ask the wrong questions...
Questions that shut the brain down.
Questions that bring up blame or shame.
Questions that keep us stuck in the same old pattern we have been in for ever

Instead, a coach will ask questions that help us to uncover our inner brilliance,
And then taking the next step - to live that brilliance - is then only a step away...

The world needs your story: write now!