How ‘uncensored’ should your writing be?

OK - let's call it how it is...
Being 'real' in your writing is hard.
But necessary beyond words...

Take it or leave it.
And most will leave it.
And that’s ok.

Sometimes when writing our books, our truths, our LIVES…
The inner censor sneaks in….
Shows it's ugly face…
It's judgemental sneer…

What would my mother think if she read this?
My husband, my boss from 10 years ago?
What will my boss from NOW think?

If people REALLY knew how I thought, how I felt, WHO I WAS...

What would they think?

What if my writing hurts someone?
What if it triggers someone?
What if they don't like swearing?
Or my strangeness?
Or me???

What if they judge it?
What if they judge ME?
What if they realize I’m weak, broken, weird?
And also strong, whole and powerful beyond fucking belief?

What if they realize I can’t spell?
Don’t know propper englsih?
Can’t fucking write?

What if my thoughts, my words, my POWER is too much?
What if I break the internet?

What if the school mums freak out, back away when they see me, cover their children’s eyes from my glare, hide from my unvaccinated, unforgiving, uncensored, UNFORGIVING self?

What if they call the authorities on me?
What if I am committed?
What if my strong, unfiltered, unusual opinions are sedated with drugs?
What if they straitjacket and padded-cell me?
What if they lobotomise me?

In the past, in the not too distant past, women with strong, unacceptable or unconventional opinions were lobotomised.
‘Hysterical’ it was called. 
They took out the womb (hysterectomy) apparently the cause of all that female boat-rocking.
And if that didn’t shut them up, they lobotomised.
In the not too distant past.

In the present, they use chemical and hormonal equivalents…
‘Prozac’ they whisper,, ‘Valium, Xanax, Adderall, Zoloft, Seroqueeeeeel…’
Shhhh...shhhh…. Shhhh…
Take this.
Take this...
Shut the FUCK up…
Be a good girl.
Be normal.
Fit in.
Don’t complain.
Be attractive and nice.
Be a good wife and mother.

Don’t have an opinion.
Or an orgasm.
Or if you must orgasm, do it like they do on pornos.
Make you lips like this.
Make your face like that.
Be thin, be sexy.
And then don’t fuckin’ speak.


Oh, god, fit in…
The WORST is to not fit in….
What will the neighbors think?
The school mums?
The government?


What do YOU think?
How hard is it to WRITE YOUR TRUTH?

So what are you waiting for...

The world needs your story: write now!