List Building 101 for Authors


There's a rumour out there that a book is a good way to build your list... it?

Well yes... and no...
You see there is a right way,..
And there are quite a few wrong ways to do this.

A book can be the ultimate tool and the best thing since sliced salami to build your list, attract your tribe, and grow your business.


There is a big mistake authors make which is thinking that readers are waiting with baited breath to get on your list.

Newsflash - they're not.

You need to entice, cajole and tempt them to give their personal details and enter into your world.

It can and does go horribly wrong.

  • If your offer is too boring... (asking people to join your mailing list is not going to cut it.)
  • If your offer is out of context... (if it doesn't make sense in relation to your book's topic)
  • If your offer is too late... (where you place it in your book is as important as what the offer is)

Why are opt in offers, lead magnets or freebies such brilliant business building tool?

First there is the massive exposure effect.
There are 40 million wallet-wielding visitors to Amazon every day. 
I am going to hazard a guess that your website does not get quite this many hits... (if you even have a website - you don't need one by the way, no matter what they tell you).

Then there is the ease of click phenomenon. 
From kindle to download is as painless as pointing a mouse or poking a finger. Bang! In seconds they are handing over their precious email address and consuming your delectable offering.

Then there is the natural next step cycle.
You need to make an offer so delicious, so obvious, so valuable that that the click is a foregone conclusion.

This is my 3 step process for making an offer that can't be ignored...

  1. Make sure it is yummy - that means it is just what they want. It needs to be something
  2. Make sure it is relevant - it should fit your book's topic like a glove. It should be the missing piece, the
  3. Make sure it is exclusive - more of the same is not an enticing offer. Make it something that you could not have given them in the book already. Your readers are not stupid, they will know if

Want to know more? Like:
HOW you link your offer to you email?
WHERE in the book to place it for best conversion?
WHAT the proven best lead magnets are?
AND much much more?

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  • The most critical thing to consider before choosing your opt-in that most authors never do
  • What to do with a list once you start to grow it (this is one thing most authors fail at)

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