Missed Opportunity Alert


There is a BIG missed opportunity in your book, and it's staring you RIGHT in the face...

I'm talking about your TABLE OF CONTENTS.


Yes, you read right, your frickin' chapter titles!
I call this the 'Don't be boring' rule. Also known as the 'Keep 'em guessing' rule.
And as far as I can see nobody is taking advantage of it...

The trick is to invoke curiosity, pique interest, stir emotion, and whet appetites.

If you pull this off this with your chapter titles then you, my friend, are thinking like an author who not only wants to write books, but wants to sell them.

Giving a potential buyer a taste of things to come mixed with a dash of intrigue will cause a veritable stampede to the 'buy now' button.

It took me around three days to devise the chapter titles of my last book. The 42 chapters for my current book are still a work in progress. I'm serious about this shit!

My system is simple:

  1. Give your chapter the 'expected' title
  2. Pimp that baby till it's a tantalising, titillating, temptress

That's it...

Now go have fun till it hurts with your table of contents.