The One Question That Stands Between Your Book And Success


Can you be brutally honest? That's what is needed to write a book that sells...

Here's the rub...
Not with your readers, with yourself.

Let me explain...

We are spoiled for choice.. in everything
You could never consume all the information that is out there on any given topic. There are books, and documentaries, and online courses, and YouTube videos. 
There are experts and Facebook groups, and just plain old unsolicited advice.

So, why would a reader pick up your book when there are a million books and blogs and bulletins to choose from?

This is the ruthless question you need to ask yourself. 
This is what you need to be brutally honest about.

It's a hard question to ask, because, of course, we all think, know, wish, hope, that our awesome book will stand on its own merits.

We know the blood sweat and cookie crumbs that have gone into it. The midnight typing flurries. The stolen dawns. The shower interruptus as inspiration strikes mid-shampoo.

Its a bloody work of art - why shouldn't readers love it?

The painful reality is they won't. And they don't. And if you don't address the question they can't.

WHY your book?

(here's the answer)


And I can't emphasise too strongly how important this is...
And it is what sets your book apart.
And sets you up as THE authority on a topic.

But what exactly is your unique angle and how do you work it out?

This is actually the fun part.

I have a simple 3 part system to take you from 'dazed deer in the headlights' to 'honed in with hawk-like precision'.

  1. RESEARCH - 3 other sources on your topic
  2. CRITIQUE - identify where they fall short
  3. DEFINE - how you will fill that gap

Then all you need to do is make sure you weave your Unique Angle in to every aspect of your book.

  • Title.
  • Cover.
  • Content.
  • Even chapter titles (I have some awesome tips on this...)

So what is your book's unique angle and how will it stand out from the crowd?