A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma


There is a tiny question you need to ask that has enormous implications....

It's a question that once answered, will allow you to fully step into your 'author-ity'.

That question is...


Why do you want to write?
Why do you want to become an author?
Why do you need to publish?
Why is this so important to you?

And then - 
What is your driving force?
What will it do for you?
What will you become?
What doors will be opened?
What opportuities will you have
What gifts will you be able to share?
What satisfaction will you feel?
What will it mean to you?

It's your big reason, your deeper purpose, your higher aspiration.

Now I know everybody talks about finding your 'why'... its kinda in fashion these days.

But a lot of the time they are only paying lip-service to it. 
To get the guts, the beating heart, the messy inner-workings of your own mind takes a bit more than a trotting out a glib, off-the-cuff answer..

You know you have the answer to this sacred question when it hits right in the feelies... You might tear up or get a lump in your throat. You will feel excited and a little breathless.

The point is - its a feeling, not a thought. And the right answer, is the one that comes from deep within you.

Its important to connect with this because it will get you through the tough times. The sticky messy, ugly boring times. 

Because just knowing you want to write, it's all well and good...
But it's not enough.

  • Not enough to go scale the mountain of self-doubt.
  • Not enough to wade through the swamp of messy emotions.
  • Not enough to hack through the jungle of unforeseen obstacles.
  • Not enough to cross the desert of bloody minded boredom.

I think every author has this deeper 'why', but I'm not sure how many are connected to it,

Try it out - answer the questions, open your soul and connect to the fire in your belly... it will be the most beautiful thing when you do.


Hey, nobody said writing a book was easy... they just said it would be worth it