I don’t know how to break it to you… but…

If you have written a book then you need to self-publish…

I mean – as opposed to traditionally publish…


Not because you decide on the price of your book, rather than negotiating with a bureaucrat about when and if you raise or lower the it.

You do.

Not because you can publish whenever you are ready, rather than waiting months, even years, for a slow moving publishing house to be ready

You can.

Not because you decide on your cover design rather than settling for one you don’t like because an in house marketer likes it more.

You do.

Not because you will get 70% royalties rather than 15%.

You will.

Not because you will have total control over every aspect of your book.

You will.

But because publishing houses simply do not understand how to market in the 2016 world of books.

There I said it.



These words are poison to the traditional publication industry.

Much like the music industry and the education system, they are still doing things last century’s way.

  • The century of the mega-industry.
  • The century of mass production and mass conformity.
  • The century of it’s our way or the highway.

Well, welcome to now, when those old industries are hanging on for grim life.

If you are James Patterson, or E.L. James, or wrote James and the Giant peach, maybe then the traditional route is the way to go (although all of these James’s had less than conventional beginnings).

But this is the century of innovation, entrepreneurship and outsourcing.

  • The biggest car rental company today owns no cars.
  • The biggest hotel chain today owns no real estate.
  • The world is a very different place than it used to be.

And if you are a writer, rejoice – because our time is now…

Never has it been so easy, so wonderfully possible to get your book written and published.

  • There is a system – but it’s not the old one.
  • There is a platform – but it’s not what it used to be.
  • There is massive success – but it is achieved in a new way.

So embrace the world of Self-Publishing….

Don’t let the bully-boys of the antiquated publishing houses intimidate you with words like: ‘vanity publishing’, ‘sponsored pages’ and ‘race to the bottom’…

They are shaking in their shoes.

And like most bully boys will run whimpering if you shout ‘Boo!’ and shake your kindle at them.

Take your new found skill to the new kids on the block…

The Amazon heroes and heroines.

  • Listen.
  • Learn.
  • Play the game.

Understand the laws of the jungle.