The Triple Punch of Book Marketing

Are you leaving $$ on the table & wasting precious brain cells on the wrong things?

Here is the sneaky backdoor way to build marketing right into your book

It starts right at the beginning… where your next buyer first sees you. With a


Have you ever wondered why some cover’s SING?

While other’s screech, whimper or slip silently into the shadows…?

What is it that makes a cover compelling?

Here’s an example of a CLICK WORTHY COVER (you probably know it…)

Why does it work?

Well, first take a look at the browser experience…

(magnifying glass not included)

Yeah – that teenie weenie image is all an Amazon wanderer has to begin with… 

(It’s not called ‘THUMBNAIL VIEW’ for nothing…)

You need to know how to stand out in a crowd…

You better make sure your cover is doing its real job…


Here is the 3 step formula for creating a CLICK WORTHY COVER:


  1. EVOKE EMOTION: People buy based on emotion not logic. Color, image & font make a direct link to your brain. Study the emotion of colour. Understand the language of fonts. Your cover does not need to explain the story or exact contents – it only needs to evoke emotion.
  2. PROFESSIONAL: A reader can smell the whiff of an amateur designed cover at 100 paces. It is a subconscious thing. Your book will be judged substandard and a browser won’t even click, let alone buy your book – no matter how good it is on the inside. Pay for a professional.
  3. STAND OUT IN A CROWD: Your cover should make a statement and stand out from your competitors. If you look the same as everyone else then you will blend in and be passed by. Study your competition. If they zig, then you should zag.


The next most important step in the Browser to Buyer journey is…


Getting this right is key, and we all struggle with it…

Trying this word with that, asking friends, family, your friend’s family and your family’s friends…

“Which is better –  Ego Popping with Beans or Ego Popping and Beans?… or should I scrap beans and go with Lentils…. ahhhh?!”

Hoping against hope that someone will have the magic formula…

(they won’t, they don’t have a clue, don’t ask!)

QUICK QUIZ: what do you think of this title: THE BIRDS AND THE BEES?

Catchy? Stand-outy?

Could it start a sexual revolution?

Would it be read by a 100 million people?

We will never know if that title would have ever helped the book achieve those things…

Because the book that started out as  THE BIRDS AND THE BEES had a sneaky title change…

This was the final title:

And the rest, as they say, is history

(note to self: sex sells)

So as you agonize over crafting of a crafty phrase…

And torturing yourself to tie to it a suitably spectacular subtitle…

Ask yourself this:

What is the REAL purpose of my book’s title?

Try this 3 step formula for creating your own TANTALIZING TITLE:


  1. SEARCHABLE: The words you use in your title and sub-title can help get you readers. If you use words that your readers are searching for on Amazon, you will show up faster and rank higher. The reverse is true. If your title has obscure words it will make it harder for readers to ‘stumble across’.
  2. MAKE A PROMISE: A reader can spot an amateur at 100 paces. It all happens subconsciously. Your book will be judged substandard and they won’t even take the next click, let alone buy your book – no matter how good it is inside.
  3. EASY TO REMEMBER: Does your title roll off your tongue or do you trip up when you go to say it? Imagine yourself rattling it off as a guest on a podcast or radio interview. Will listeners recall it with ease? Is it ‘sticky’?


 The final step in this series of book marketing babies –


What? I hear you exclaim! The TOC? how is that even rating in the whole ‘Book Marketing Scenario’?

  • Because most authors don’t give this a second thought…
  • Because they just throw in ‘chapter one, chapter two’ with no strategy…
  • Because this is one of the few tools you have at your disposal….
  • Because of that – you have to use it…

Here is the 3 step formula for creating a CONTROVERSIAL TABLE OF CONTENTS:


  1. ASKS MORE THAN ANSWERS: Don’t be tempted to give it all away. Your table of contents should arouse curiosity not put people to sleep. Or be a boring list of chapter one, chapter two. You want your reader itching to find out what that chapter is all about.
  2. TASTE OF THINGS TO COME: Your voice should come through here just as it should in all parts of your book. Are you fickle and cheeky? Or studious and informative? Let your chapter titles show reflect the tone of the whole book. Be consistent so your readers get a taste of things to come.
  3. TITILLATE: There is nothing wrong with a bit of teasing. Most people appreciate entertainment, and love to see something different. So unless it is diametrically opposed to your brand, use humor, tease your reader. Your book will stand out in the crowd.


To much to remember?

Grab the cheat sheets here –>>

So now you have the Triple Punch maneuver to go get selling your book!