Writing Fiction? You need to STOP NOW!


STOP writing that fiction book - NOW!!!

If you're thinking of writing a book... start your author journey with non-fiction.
WHat? (what about JK? EL? JRR?)

How very dare I make this brazen declaration?

Because writing fiction is fucking hard.
(and isn't that a good enough reason not to do something?)

No really, fiction is like a good wine, (or a good whine).
It takes time (and practice) to go from a $5 vinegar tongued lashing, to a $100,000 Grange Hermitage style slander...

An untested author is amateur hour and waste everybody's time.

So... I know you long to tell a tale of fantasy, to write a yarn of yearning, to give your readers an astonishing escape...


Warm up your writers muscles with the basics of self-editing, the art of the launch, the discipline of daily writing - basically HONE YOUR SKILLS on the more merciful, less competitive, and much easier-to-write genre of NON-FICTION.

  • The rules are looser
  • The readers are more forgiving
  • The results are quicker

Write. Publish. Sell. Your non-fiction book. The one you can write in your sleep. The one you talk to eveyone about at every opportunity. The one that only YOU could write.

Then (and only then) dip your toe in the fiction pool.
(unless you become hoked on non-fiction...no promises)

What do you think? Am I barking up the wrong tree or barking mad?